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This mine threatens America’s largest wild salmon run

July 4 marks the peak of the largest, most valuable wild salmon run left in America. The sockeye salmon migration into Bristol Bay, Alaska, can exceed 40 million fish. As they charge into the Kvichak and Nushagak rivers and fan out across myriad tributaries, the sockeye and four other species …

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What is the farm bill and why does it matter?

Every five years or so, Congress takes up a massive piece of legislation known as the farm bill, which covers everything from supporting farmers to ensuring that those short of food don’t go hungry. The cost of the bill is nearly $100 billion a year. Right now, Congress is in …

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Will high-tech indoor agriculture transform local food?

On one of those unseasonable 40-degree days this April when there was soaking ice-cold rain followed by umbrella-wrecking wind, the weather inside a miniature indoor farm near Manhattan’s City Hall was balmy. Farm.One CEO and founder Robert Laing, in a black chef coat and jeans, surveyed the plants perfuming a …

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Can farming save Puerto Rico’s future?

Our climate is changing, and our approaches to activism and politics have to change with it. That’s why FERN, in partnership with The Nation,  is launching Taking Heat, a series of dispatches from the front lines of the climate justice movement by journalist Audrea Lim. Lim will explore the ways the communities …

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The end of the ‘panda of the sea’

There is a word, sad and resonant, for the last member of a dying species. The word is endling. Martha, who perished at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914, was the endling for the passenger pigeon — the final representative of a bird once so prolific its flocks blackened the sky. …

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Ways to Beat the Intimidating Environment of a Gym

At Total Health and Fitness, our goal is a total body experience. While our facility does have a gym, it’s not our sole focus, and it’s not something we want you to take on alone. Our personal trainers will work with you to create an exercise plan, as well as …

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