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Homes or gardens?

Vacant lots dot lower-income neighborhoods across the country. In many cities, urban growers have planted in those lots, repurposing abandoned city land into gardens with farmers markets and healthy food. But cities often still register such plots as “vacant,” which allows them to be snatched up by housing developers. In …

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Drinking problems: A Kansas farm town confronts a tap-water crisis

Elizabeth Royte, a contributing editor at FERN, writes about the long history of nitrate contamination in the water of Pretty Prairie, Kansas, a farming community just west of Wichita, in the latest issue of Harper’s Magazine. One of the things she explores is why residents didn’t demand that the town fix …

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The jamón went down to Georgia

Even from a distance, the pigs looked odd. It was hard to see them clearly at first; heavy rains had carved ruts into the dirt road that led into the pasture, and every time the Jeep hit bottom, my glasses slid down my nose. But as we jolted forward, the …

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The Benefits of a Fitness Program

Fitness programs have existed for many years with the aim to integrate two important factors that help us keep our bodies healthy and fit: physical activity and eating healthy. We all know that we should do regular exercise and eat healthy, but do we know exactly why? Let’s have a …

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Can agriculture and wildlife co-exist? Rice farmers think so.

Before the Gold Rush, the Central Valley in California was like a bathtub. Rivers filled with water which then slowly spread out through natural wetlands. This created a rich feeding ground for migrating species: salmon going to and from the ocean, birds flying from Alaska and Argentina. But with the …

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How Total Health & Fitness Truly Ensures Lifelong Wellness

The right weight loss plan can make all the difference for your health and fitness goals. The Total Health and Fitness Program are created with only you in mind. Once you embark on the journey with a customized fitness program, your life will change for the better. The Difference We …

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