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How heat kills farmworkers

On a recent summer morning in Mendota, a small farming community in California’s Central Valley, the sun glared down from a cloudless sky. The temperature was heading toward 101 degrees, and it had hit 106 a few days before—not unlike the blistering heat that blanketed much of the West Coast …

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In rural Northern California, feeding people where food is scarce

Trinity County’s one of those places that doesn’t get in the news much, unless it’s wildfire season like it is right now. It’s a beautiful, remote, rural part of Northern California. It’s also one of the state’s most food insecure places, where many people don’t know where their next meal’s …

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4 Ways to “Health-ify” Your Favorite Recipes

One of the best trick I use with clients to help them stick to their meal plans without feeling deprived is to find healthier substitutes to some of their ride or dies. Sure, they aren’t the same thing. But they’re definitely a great substitute for clients to enjoy while they …

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The makeover

Sitting in the shade of an oil-palm grove in northern Malaysian Borneo, Linella Pallai, 47, and her friend Trisar Sarigoh, 52, are describing what it was like before palm-oil mania swept their country. As children, the two women would gather fruit from the rain forest and fish from clear-running streams. …

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The food revolution’s missing piece

FERN’s latest story, published with Harper’s Magazine, is an excerpt from Ted Genoways’ new book, This Blessed Earth, an intimate account of a year with the Hammonds, a Nebraska farm family. Here, Genoways argues that the difficult realities faced by farmers like the Hammonds need to be part of the …

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