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The Seed Searchers

We’re crawling along Highway 95, just south of Hanksville, Utah, when Laura Marek spots it: a flash of yellow amid the region’s red and ochre sandstone cliffs. “There! Up that draw!” Marek exclaims, pointing at a sandy ravine across the road and steering our rented SUV onto the shoulder. Marek, …

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On a dimly lit shelf in the dining room of the Musgrave Roadhouse sit two dozen specimens preserved in cheap vodka — a makeshift natural-history museum. In a pickle jar is an accumulation of scorpions stuffed against a thick wad of cotton. An old Vegemite container holds a furry red …

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Searching for rice in the wilds of Australia

In May 2015, Lisa M. Hamilton joined an expedition to the Cape York peninsula, Australia’s northeasternmost point, reporting on the search for the wild relatives of Oryza sativa, or the plant we know as rice. This journey was more discreet than the great plant collecting expeditions of yore: there was no …

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