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How do I know if I am Gluten Intolerant?

You’ll recall our last blog post about what that pesky protein that’s got everyone all up in a bother about? As the latest diet fads continue to bombard us through the media, we wanted to address the symptoms of gluten intolerance that manifest in those who actually might suffer from …

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What’s the Positive Link Between Exercise & Quality Sleep?

From here in Utah to the farthest reaches of America’s East Coast, whenever health and fitness are being discussed, diets, workout regiments and stress-level management are almost always brought up as concrete talking points. That being said, there’s certainly more to health and fitness maintenance. In fact, more often than …

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4 Simple Ways to Lose Weight While Simply Living Life

In order to improve overall health and fitness, there’s no better substitute for a balanced diet and daily exercise. That said, though the preferred, most effective of methods, oftentimes life gets in the way. Simply put, if you’re looking to shed a few more unsightly pounds and don’t have near …

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