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Why You Should Incorporate Weight Training Into Your Fitness Routine

Like aerobic exercise, weight training should be an essential part of a person’s fitness routine. Many individuals—especially women—shy away from weight training for fear of gaining too much bulk. However, resistance training can build lean, non-bulky muscle through muscle fiber catabolism and anabolism. Resistance training can also reduce the risk …

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What’s the Positive Link Between Exercise & Quality Sleep?

From here in Utah to the farthest reaches of America’s East Coast, whenever health and fitness are being discussed, diets, workout regiments and stress-level management are almost always brought up as concrete talking points. That being said, there’s certainly more to health and fitness maintenance. In fact, more often than …

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4 Simple Ways to Lose Weight While Simply Living Life

In order to improve overall health and fitness, there’s no better substitute for a balanced diet and daily exercise. That said, though the preferred, most effective of methods, oftentimes life gets in the way. Simply put, if you’re looking to shed a few more unsightly pounds and don’t have near …

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