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Can agriculture and wildlife co-exist? Rice farmers think so.

Before the Gold Rush, the Central Valley in California was like a bathtub. Rivers filled with water which then slowly spread out through natural wetlands. This created a rich feeding ground for migrating species: salmon going to and from the ocean, birds flying from Alaska and Argentina. But with the …

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Without their salmon, the Yurok search for meaning

Erika Chavez and Jerome Nick Jr., cousins who work for the Yurok Tribal Fisheries Department, are patrolling the Klamath River where it flows into the Pacific Ocean in the far northwest corner of California. Nick perches in the front of the boat, with Chavez at the helm as they head …

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In rural Northern California, feeding people where food is scarce

Trinity County’s one of those places that doesn’t get in the news much, unless it’s wildfire season like it is right now. It’s a beautiful, remote, rural part of Northern California. It’s also one of the state’s most food insecure places, where many people don’t know where their next meal’s …

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Nancy’s Airport Cafe

Between Sacramento and Redding, Highway 5 cuts through the middle of rice country. Right next to rice fields outside the town of Willows, there’s a restaurant popular with travelers, farmers, truckers. And pilots. More on this story Read more of our reporting on nutrition and food access Read more of …

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Tiny, Rural High School Wins Statewide Culinary Prize

You might expect the winners of a California high school culinary competition to come from one of the state’s restaurant destinations like Los Angeles, San Francisco or Sonoma County. But a month ago, the top prize went to tiny Greenville High School in Plumas County. More on this story Read …

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